Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug. 9-16: Chance to win a Dyer book at Unusual Historicals

Yes, you'll have to click another link, but there, you'll be able to read two articles on the Unusual Historicals website:
1. an excerpt from Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This, and
2. an author Q&A with Christy K Robinson. (Click the highlighted words to go there.) Clicking will open new tabs, so you won't have to leave this site.

On either of the posts, you can leave a comment (or question), with your email, to be entered in the drawing. The Unusual Historicals team will choose the lucky winner. The prize is an autographed paperback to US postal addresses, or a Kindle edition to US or international readers. After the drawing is made, the two articles will remain on their website.

Thinking about reading the Dyer books? You should, if you enjoy escaping to a different time and culture, and being entertained while you learn. And if you're a descendant of any of the following notable people, you could learn a lot about what your ancestors were doing and how they affected history.
William and Mary Barrett Dyer
William and Anne Marbury Hutchinson
Edward Hutchinson
Katherine Marbury Scott
Roger Williams
Sir Henry Vane
Nicholas Easton
Rev. John Cotton
Gov. John Winthrop Sr.
Capt. John Underhill
Gov. William Coddington
Nathaniel Sylvester of Shelter Island
Rev. John Davenport
Rev. John Wilson
Gov. John Endecott
Rev. Obadiah Holmes
Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick
The first Quaker missionaries

I recommend the paperback editions because they have character lists, maps, and extensive end notes. They're easier to refer to than the Kindle versions, though the Kindle contains exactly the same material.  Where to find the books?

If you've read the books and would like to discuss them, why not hold a discussion group about them in your home, book club, or church hall? The author can speak with your small group by phone or Skype.


  1. I don't recognize any of those names but am still looking forward to reading this series.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Carol. I hope you'll enjoy the Dyers series. The list of names above are all characterized in the books, based on actual life events and how they interacted. If any of your ancestors came to New England in the 1600s, they probably were linked to those people--or possibly even *were* those people, since they have many thousands of descendants today. As I researched the books, I was continually amazed at how their lives intersected, and in such significant ways.


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