Friday, February 10, 2017

She persisted!

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Christy K Robinson is author of these sites:
and of these books:
·          We Shall Be Changed (2010)
·          Mary Dyer Illuminated (2013)
·          Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This (2014)
·          The Dyers of London, Boston, & Newport (2014)
·          Effigy Hunter (2015)
·          Anne Marbury Hutchinson: American Founding Mother (2018)


    MDS: My immigrant grandmother who died for her beliefs.
    AE: Just stunning
    LTT: I've been thinking lately about all the females in history we don't hear enough about and here's another example. Amazing. What an inspiring relative!
    MDS: Her story is remarkable.
    LSW: That is amazing, you must be so proud. We need lots more [of] her bravery these days. Thanks for sharing!!

    DLS: Talk about a profile in courage!

    RLC: I believe in the first amendment with all my heart. It's in my blood. This is my 10th great grandmother, and I carry on her passion for freedom.

    TLD: My ancestor.
    BS: I remember visiting that statue and it was thought at that time (my brother) that she did not have children - oh how wrong we were - or should I say - and here we are generations later.

    CTC: My 8th great grandmother. She was pretty badass.
    BC: JESUS died for her and she died for HIM.

    PCH: My 8th Great Grandmother.
    EH: Wow, how neat.
    PEY: WOW!

    BM: My mom's 8th (so my 9th) great-grandmother. #ShePersisted

    MBT: Mary Dyer died for the cause of religious freedom. She was a very good friend, religious advocate, and in-law of [my husband’s] 10th great grandmother, Anne Marbury Hutchinson, who had also been banished from Boston because of religious dissent.

    AE: My friend’s grandmother. In awe.

    GS: Are these protesters today at NYU and Berkeley willing to die for their believe that America should not have the freedom of free-speech ? And Mary Dyer was a woman of God, her protest were peaceful. And she was hung!

    MR: 360 years later, we're still at it. But, I will persist.

    ET: My 10th great grandmother, an early American Woman that stood up for freedom of speech & religion. Unfortunately, the establishment executed her in 1660 to silence her. For some odd reason, I feel that the USA is headed in a backwards direction to silence us now and repeal our Bill of Rights.

    CC: One of my grandmothers. She was so brave!

    GS: What a perfect time for this post of your great,great.........grandmother!

    SAK: What an incredible woman she was.

    JSL: Brave woman to speak truth to power, and to be willing to accept the consequences.

  4. FACEBOOK COMMENTS (in a group):

    TW: Oh come on, why do you have to make this political?
    FH: Truth is not political.
    BD: Implying equivalence where there is none, is not truth. I think there is no reason to make this, or any non political page, political. It only causes divisions which there is more than enough of already. This should be a place where we focus on what we have in common, not yet a another place to start an argument about our differences.
    CKR: You're assigning political motivations, but I'm showing that Mary Dyer was a political dissident who was also silenced for her politics that were different to those in power. She didn't have the civil rights to speak where she wasn't both a freeman and a church member--but she recognized her *human* rights, and duty as a child of God, to speak to oppression, and to the torture and imprisonment of her brother and sister fellow believers. And it wasn't just "speech." Mary intentionally went back to Boston several times, knowing that she'd been banished "on pain of death." She knew her death would bring the shock needed to change the law.
    SD: Tying a historical act to present day politics is always a matter of opinion. Still Mary Dyer's actions themselves were deeply political. There is no ignoring that.
    SD: Mary Dyer was focused on changing a 1656 law banning immigration based on religion. I'll leave it to others to evaluate if that has any corollary to present times.
    BD: I'm sure no one would dispute the sacrifice or motivation of Mary Dyer. I don't think that is the issue. The purpose of my comment was friendly advice. It appears that one person at least has left the group on their own, or been removed. That's what I am concerned with. There are so many things we have in common with those who follow this group I would think. Besides literally being "family" that to lose even one over contemporary politics seems to me a shame.
    SD: I don't disagree, but would add that silence is not apolitical.
    CKR: I always screen the FB wall of every applicant to our group, only for spam purposes. I don't even ask for proof of lineage. There have been quite a few applicants whose walls showed memes I find deeply offensive, but I made no comment, and accepted them. Whoever has left has done so of their own will--I didn't remove them.
    MDR: Sick of politics being brought up every where you turn today. We are Americans, we all bleed red blood. Bottom line is we are allowed to have different opinions, just as Mary Dyer (my grandmother, many generations back) had, but please, let's remember to be kind to one another.
    CF: My 11th great grandmother.


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