Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Breaking News! Author hawks own books for holidays!

You know that I've written four books on the Dyers and Hutchinsons, and that I regularly post up-to-date research in my history websites that have enlightened you about the lives of those families, as well as their friends, foes, and culture.
If you've already read the five-star-reviewed books, may I ask that you purchase copies for your relatives and friends as gifts? They're available on Amazon at <https://bit.ly/RobinsonAuthor>

Thank you for your support, which is much appreciated--and much needed.

Two more gift ideas! 
High resolution prints of letters written by William Dyer and Mary Barrett Dyer available singly or together, are here:

Christy K Robinson is author of these books (click the colored title):
Mary Dyer Illuminated Vol. 1 (2013)  
Effigy Hunter (2015)  

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