Dyer letter reproductions

Beautiful reproduction of Mary Dyer's letter 
of October 26, 1659, 
her only-known letter to the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony General Court

Mary Dyer letter inside my 16x20"
gold frame, with glass.
(Does not need a mat because
of the white border.
Frame not included.
I bought this one for about $30.)
Printed in high resolution on glossy photographic paper at the 16"x20" size with a golden brown outline and white border, Mary Dyer's handwriting appears to be actual size. Unlike the low-resolution photo here, the poster is sharp and easy to read.

With your purchase, you'll receive a transcription of the handwriting on an 8.5x11" page. Beware--its content is not the same letter you've read in genealogy pages or other books about Mary Dyer. Those letters were rewritten after her death, to serve a different purpose.

To show scale, the unframed 16x20" print
next to an 8x10" framed photo.

These are Mary's words, unedited, uncensored, in her own hand, and they give you a new perspective of her thoughts on the day before she expected to be hanged. 

The story of how Mary's original text was rewritten--and replaced for 350 years--is posted HERE.

This print, a keepsake and conversation piece, is a lovely gift for

  • history enthusiasts
  • Quaker Friends
  • defenders of religious liberty 
  • ministers
  • history, art, or English teachers
  • genealogy lovers
  • descendants of Mary and William Dyer
  • historical libraries or societies

These lovely prints are suitable for framing for your office, family room, or classroom. Once protected by your poster or picture frame, the students in your home can take this to school to show in class.

You won't find this in any museum or gift shop: it's exclusive to this site.

William Dyer's May 27, 1660 letter begging
the release of his wife Mary. The
high-resolution, life-size print
comes with a transcription.
ALSO! A matching poster of William Dyer's May 1660 letter to the Massachusetts Bay Court, begging the life of his wife Mary. The original letter was scanned at the Massachusetts Archives as 40MB tiffs, and is printed in high resolution on 16x20" glossy photographic paper. The letter is about actual size, surrounded by a golden-brown outline and white space that will resemble a mat when you've framed it. 

$40  per print. (Shipped to US addresses in a capped mailing tube via US Postal Service. USPS estimates 3-day delivery, but allow more time in December.) 

Use the Buy Now button for debit, credit, or electronic check, via secure PayPal. Be sure to indicate WHICH LETTER, Mary's or William's, you want, or if you want the matched set. 

S&H added in the PayPal window: $10 for one or both posters to the same address. Posters are sent in a sturdy mailing tube by US Priority Mail (which has tracking). 


  1. I have this poster, and mounted it with a small frame, and display it on an easel. It's in my home office, where I do my family history research. Right after I ordered the poster, I received a confirmation email, and the poster arrived a few days later. Thank you!

  2. I bought this wonderful poster and it is framed and over my desk but unfortunately I have misplaced the translation! Is there a way I can purchase just the translation? It is so difficult to read that without the translation to hand it looses a lot!

    1. I'm glad you love it, Patricia. I'll email you the transcription. Maybe you could put it in a plastic sleeve (like for a 3-ring binder) and thumbtack it to the back of the frame.

  3. Thank you Christy. I will do that first thing!

  4. Received this and am THRILLED!! As I write, I look beside me and I am in awe! It is beautiful and I am amazed that it is mine! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have this treasure. Not only did it arrive well packaged & in a timely manner but I was highly impressed with the quality! My furniture is simple so I purchased a medium oak frame and it looks wonderful! Matches well with the tone of the lettering. William and Mary are my 9th Great Grandparents, so I printed my connection to them and put that on the back, along with the transcript you sent of the letter. Again, thank you so much! I can't begin to express how thrilled I am. I cannot say enough about this and highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about purchasing it. It is WELL worth the price and more! Priceless! Charlotte Knight Watkins, Massillon, OH

    1. So glad you love the pair of letters, Charlotte, and happy that you took the time to write a testimonial here.

  5. I was interested in getting both letters, Mary Dyer's 1659 letter and William Dyer's 1660 letter. I ordered Mary Dyer's 1659 letter but I haven't been able to figure out how to buy William Dyer's 1660 letter. There doesn't seem to be anyway to do that. tcollins@collinsco.com

    1. Hi, Terry. You can make the quantity 2 posters, and there's a place to message the seller (me) about special instructions, which is how others have told me. I've also changed the menu options to reflect a choice: to order either of the letters, or both. I think it will be clearer now!

  6. Sorry but I am not paying for history that belongs in my family. I am related to Mary Dyer and I am interested in the letters, but I won't pay for them.

    1. That's your decision. I'm a descendant, and they weren't free to me. It cost me months of time finding them in different archives, writing multiple emails and making numerous long distance calls to ask for them to be digitally scanned, and I paid more for the original scans than I'm asking of customers. The files were too large to even open on my computer. It took hours to analyze and transcribe the 355-year-old writing and spelling. I spent hours formatting and designing the letters to fit an affordable frame, and it costs me significant cash to have them printed, and for the postage and mailing tubes--which doesn't even account for my time running around to the printer, office supply, and post office. I'm not profiting on these posters--I'm breaking even. I'll be glad to fill an order if you reconsider.

    2. Sounds like you've earned every penny, Ms. Robinson!

  7. From customer Mike D:
    I received the pictures and they're great! Thank you very much!


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