Friday, October 26, 2018

New biography: Anne Marbury Hutchinson, American Founding Mother

Anne Marbury Hutchinson: American Founding Mother, by Christy K Robinson

I've emerged from my writer/editor cave and proudly present a NEW BOOK, Anne Marbury Hutchinson: American Founding Mother. It's a nonfiction biography of Anne Hutchinson, and how her experience in the 1630s still resonates in the world today.

Years in the research, and 2.5 years in the writing and editing process, it's now available in paperback (Kindle available after Nov. 3). Mary Dyer, of course, has a larger role in the book than other authors have presented, considering my previous and ongoing research into the 17th-century lives of the Dyers. Another difference is the use of letters and books by people of their time, including a fragment of a letter Anne wrote a few months before her tragic death. The book is written in a conversational, topical style, and there are numerous illustrations and photos. 

An unexpected research find was that several people of Anne Hutchinson's time believed that her death in a Native American massacre may have been orchestrated by fundamentalists who wanted the heretic dead.

I hope you'll purchase a copy for yourself, and if you like it, also buy copies for Dyer and Hutchinson descendants in your family for the gift-giving season approaching. 

The first review, by beta-reader and fellow author Jo Ann Butler, is now posted on Amazon. (Hint: five stars.)

Cover art is an original painting by Newport, Rhode Island artist Valerie Debrule. Isn't it wonderful? I hope it's the "new" portrait that will define Anne Hutchinson for years to come.

Here's a link to the book: 

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