Friday, December 18, 2015

Behind THE DYERS books

 The FIVE-STAR Dyer biographical novels are a dramatized narrative of meticulously-researched facts about their culture, their religious and political beliefs, their friends and enemies, the plagues and earthquakes and mysterious events of their lives--the things that meant everything to them but have lost their meaning to us, nearly 400 years later. 

You can't make snap judgments about what William and Mary Dyer did or believed, based on a Wiki article or a genealogy note in Ancestry. The research says something very different. It wasn't only the "big things" in their lives that tell the story. It was the countless "little things" of joy, faith, tragedy, risking their fortune and lives on transatlantic travel and settling the wilderness, changing their career path, gaining an education when many men and most women were illiterate, choosing freedom over oppression, having a large family and providing for their futures, creating a legacy of integrity and convictions that affects us in the 21st century.

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The Dyers and Hutchinsons were well-rounded, flesh-and-blood human beings with complicated relationships and a brilliant, long-term plan to create religious liberty, free speech, and free assembly for their society and ours. And even the people you'd think should be classified as villains led lives of great sacrifice and hard work, love and grief. Their families loved them and they did what they did from deep conviction.

In these Dyer books by Christy K Robinson, you'll get to know Mary and William Dyer, Anne and William Hutchinson, John Cotton, Edward Hutchinson, Katherine Marbury Scott, John Winthrop, John Clarke, Henry Vane, and many others not as historical icons, but as friends. Not as paper dolls, but real, four-dimensional human beings who lived and loved and sorrowed. As our spiritual, political, and (in some cases) physical forbears, they deserve the respect of having their stories told as truly as possible.

There was so much to cover, and so many important people who couldn't be left out, that it took two volumes (390 pages and 320 pages respectively) to tell the story. Mary Dyer Illuminated begins in 1629 and tells the story of why it was important to leave England and start over in the New World wilderness, and the first 20 years of their lives together. Volume 2, Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This, chronicles the 1650s with the awakening of liberty and human rights, their voluntary journey through persecution, and the prelude to Mary Dyer's hanging to bring attention to the gross miscarriage of civil and human rights. It concludes with a nonfiction timeline that ties off every character's story and life. The third volume, The Dyers of London, Boston, & Newport, is nonfiction, a collection of images and short articles that explain the decisions made in the founding of New England.

You can order the Dyer books and reproduction letters at any time of the year, but if you're giving them as Christmas gifts, please note the deadlines in the photo captions.

Until Dec. 20, there's still time to order the Dyer books
(or e-books) and have them delivered before Christmas!
If you order by Sunday night, Dec. 20, the Mary or William Dyer reproduction letters could make it to you on Christmas Eve. They ship by US Postal Service 3-day mail. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

William and Mary Dyer handwritten letters

Order now for Christmas gift-giving. Just click the letter tab above, or CLICK THIS LINK to learn the history behind the letters, the size and price, and how long you should allow for the posters to arrive at your US address.

If you're giving this as a gift, allow yourself the time to purchase a 16x20" poster frame or a picture frame with a 16x20" opening for your poster(s). That's a common frame size, so it should be easy to buy from a hobby and art store, or order online. You won't need a mat.

In a gold-painted frame with glass,
sitting on an easel.
Charlotte hung her letters
on the wall of her girl-cave.