Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving week DISCOUNTS on books by Christy K Robinson

Plan now for your holiday shopping--here are the books and dates when they'll be discounted on in the United States. The dates don't match up exactly because Amazon's calendars have a mind of their own! So mark your calendar or set a notification for your mobile phone, because this is the best deal I'm allowed to make for you.

If you already own the paperbacks or Kindle editions, remember your family members: parents, siblings, your favorite cousins... All four titles (five, if you count the out-of-print devotional book!) by Christy Robinson have five-star reviews, so you know you're giving a quality gift.

You can quickly open the Amazon sales page from the hyperlinks below. Checkout is extremely secure and easy: I've been an Amazon customer since 1997 and have never had a security issue with them.

The Kindle editions have every word and image that the paperback books do, but most readers (and I) prefer to read history on paper because you can return to sections or review the resources and images in the front and back of the text. And paperbacks are keepers that you can leave out on the sofa table or loan to your family, while Kindle is more limited. In any case, you have the choice!

Of course, a paperback is easy to send directly to your recipient, gift-wrapped, but did you know that you can give a Kindle e-book as a gift? Amazon offers that option. Your recipient needs to have either a Kindle device, or the free Kindle app on their tablet or computer.

Kindle editions are found at Amazon's site. Click the book titles to go to the book's sales page.
Nov. 24                  $7.99                      regular price
Nov. 25-26            $4.99                      38% off
Nov. 27-28            $5.99                      26% off
Nov. 29                  $6.99                      13% off
Dec. 1                     $7.99                      regular price

Nov. 19                  $7.99                      regular price
Nov. 20                  $4.99                      38% off
Nov. 21-22            $5.99                      26% off
Nov. 23-24            $6.99                      13% off
Nov. 25                  $7.99                      regular price
(Amazon Kindle wouldn’t allow me to use the same dates for this one as the other Dyer books.)

Nov. 24                  $6.99                      regular price
Nov. 25-26            $3.99                      43% off
Nov. 27-28            $4.99                      29% off
Nov. 29                  $5.99                      15% off
Dec. 1                     $6.99                      regular price

Paperback books are also on sale between these dates. Note that these books are discounted at Amazon's subsidiary, CreateSpace, NOT at Amazon's regular site. Click the book title to go to its sale page on CreateSpace. Use the discount code, which is unique to each book title.

Regular price        $19.99
Nov. 25-30            $15.00                   25% off

Use 25% Discount code N52GM43B at CreateSpace link.
Dec. 1                     $19.99

Regular price        $19.99
Nov. 25-30            $15.00                   25% off

Use 25% Discount code BFJMT9AG at CreateSpace link.
Dec. 1                    $19.99

Regular price        $12.00
This is already the minimum price I’m allowed to set, so no discount can be made.

by Christy K Robinson
 Paperback book only, not available in e-book
Regular price        $14.00
Nov. 25-30           $10.50                   25% off

Use 25% Discount code: TAPDAVEQ
at CreateSpace link.
Dec. 1                 $14.00

Another gift idea is buying reproduction letters
in the handwriting of Mary Barrett Dyer
and her husband William Dyer.
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