Sunday, September 19, 2021

#OnThisDay: William Dyer's baptism

I want to know who allowed the werewolves on the left side of the image.
The woodcut is of an English christening in 1581.

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William Dyer was born, say many genealogical sites, on Sept. 19, 1609. Well, maybe not "on this day" precisely, as he was baptized (christened) on Tuesday, Sept. 19. He might have been born up to a week earlier.

The church where William Dyer was baptized still stands in Kirkby LaThorpe, Lincolnshire. For a description of the interior, and photos, please read my article at

To read some of the many articles on this site that describe William Dyer's remarkable life and accomplishments, read this selection, and then hit "Next Posts" at the bottom of that page.

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