Dyer and Hutchinson jewelry

Wear the signatures of Mary Dyer and William Dyer
or a tribute to Anne Marbury Hutchinson

Dyer signatures pendants
Put them on a pretty silver chain, or on a key ring, and carry your Dyer ancestry with pride! When someone asks you what the signatures are about, you have the perfect opening to bend their ear for 15 minutes.

Dyer biographer Christy K Robinson has used the high-resolution images of William’s and Mary’s 1659 letters to the General Court at Boston, to isolate their signatures and marry them within the same image! The background is the yellowed laid paper (textured horizontal lines rolled into the wet paper in manufacturing) that William used for court documents and correspondence, with Mary’s signature layered below. William’s signature is in a fine black ink, probably from a metal-tipped quill, while Mary’s was in brown ink with a thick quill tip—likely the best she could obtain from her jailer. William signed his name “Wm Dyre,” Mary spelled it “marie dire,” but it wasn’t standardized to “Dyer” for another generation or two.

NEW!! Just added in 2016, a high-resolution photo of the Anne Hutchinson statue at the Massachusetts Statehouse, with the words "Anne Marbury Hutchinson, 1591-1643."

The pendant is a silver-finish 1" x 2" metal holder with a loop for a chain, and the image is glazed beneath a clear-glass bezel. Chains are not included, so you can choose your own length and style from the internet or local retailer. Your chain's clasp should be small enough to fit through a 4x6mm loop.
13th-generation Dyer
descendant Rachel Robinson
wears the Dyer signature
pendant on a fine silver

This offer is exclusively made in the William and Mary Dyer history website. You may purchase a pendant (or several of them) by using the PayPal button with your credit/debit card or online check, and you don’t need a PayPal account to use it. Your financial information is in a securely encrypted PayPal server, and they email the seller with your address so your pendant(s) can be mailed.

Your pendant will arrive in packaging something like a turducken: the pendant is cushioned in a pouch in a small jewelry box in bubble wrap in the envelope. Packaging and postage (via US Postal Service) is included in the price for US destinations. If you’re outside the United States, please ask for pricing to your address before you order on PayPal. 

Each pendant is $17, inclusive of US shipping. Use the "Buy Now" button to order at the secure site.

So go ahead: wear or carry your Dyer ancestors' signatures, or remember Anne Marbury Hutchinson with pride. Give a gift to your sweetheart or family member. 

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