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Clothing fashions during the Dyers' lifetimes--part 2

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This post is the second of two, on fashions of the early and mid-17th century, during the lifetimes of William and Mary Barrett Dyer and Anne and William Hutchinson. I tried to cover the various social strata. Part one of the fashion parade is HERE.

25. 1630s: Posthumous Portrait of Mary Fielding,
by Anthony Van Dyck

26. Lady Penelope Nicholas Wearing a Brown Dress and White Chemise

27. 1630s: Portrait of Miss May, by John Michael Wright

28. 1637: Lucy Percy, Countess of Carlisle.
Her husband was governor of Barbados.

29. 1638: Anne Carr, Countess of Bedford

30. 1640s: Frances, Lady Whitelock, 1614-1649, by Michael Dahl

31. 1649-Gloves worn to his execution by King Charles I

32. 1640s: A royalist's child is interrogated by Roundheads
(puritans/parliamentarians) during the Civil Wars.
"When did you last see your father?"

33. 1640s-Esther Tradescant and son detail,
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
Was Esther murdered for her husband's valuable

34. English puritan children

35. Dutch colonists in New Netherland (New York)

36. 1640s-50s: Lady Elizabeth Cromwell, daughter of Oliver Cromwell

37. 1655: Woman Writing a Letter, by Gerard Terborch

38. Woman Reading a Letter, by Jan Vermeer

39. A woman arranging flowers, by William Bradford.

40. 1650s-60s: Lady Elizabeth Cromwell
41.  ca 1630s: Anna Dalkeith, Countess of Morton and Lady Anna Kirk

42. ca 1640s-50s: Anne Dudley Bradstreet, 1612-1672,
Massachusetts Bay Colony pioneer. Her father was
Governor Thomas Dudley, and her husband,
Simon Bradstreet, also became governor.

43. 1660: Portrait of a Lady with an Ostrich-feather Fan,
by Rembrandt

44. 1670s: Elizabeth Clarke Freake and Baby Mary

45. Netherlands family group: The Christmas Feast or St. Nicholas Feest, by Jan Steen.
The puritan English did not observe Christmas, and no New Englanders
celebrated Christmas, as it was considered too close to Catholicism.
I like the details of new toys, new shoes, food treats, and all the children happy
but the boy--I wonder what disappointed him?

46. Late 1600s (or more likely early 1700s): An English family group.
Notice the extended family of grandparents, adult children, and grandchildren.

47. 1660s-Man and woman holding hands

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